Speech Writing Service delivering impactful speeches that resonate with any audience, on any topic.                  

I am an experienced speech writer who writes speeches that impact, inform and entertain.

I’ve helped many teachers, Principals, business leaders, mums and dads with some great speeches. So if you need to outsource this task, get in touch, send me a brief, tell me what you need. I’ll be happy to get it all together and send you a quality product that will have an impact on your audience.


Graduation | Presentation | Farewell | Wedding | Celebration | Keynote

I write speeches for Principals, AP’s, teachers and faculty heads (my busiest time is at the end of the year – graduation time!)

I also write speeches for anniversary celebrations, keynotes, compere running sheets, lectures, and so on. I’m sure you get the idea.

People always ask whether I can insert some humour into the speeches. Yes is the answer and that comes easy for me. But of course, I’ll need to know your humour style for gags to work. I understand the risk.

My biggest asset is the ability to produce a quality product within a tight deadline. Most people come to me to write a speech just when the deadline is looming, and the ‘considerable quiet time’ hasn’t occurred. Again, all understood. I can help.

Conferences | Celebrations | Workshops | Events 

And I know how to write a speech because I’m often giving one.

Get in touch if you need someone to be the on-stage link across your running sheet.

An experienced professional approach assured.