It’s Hard

It’s hard to look sexy if you can’t get out of your car. It’s hard to feel cool if your back is a memoir. It’s hard to impress if your gait is bumbled. It’s hard to star if your brain is crumbled. * It’s harder to thrive if your friends are gone. It’s harder to fulfil if your family is done. It’s harder to thrive if books are dead. It’s harder to live if it’s all from bed.

Being Kind

Be kinder than necessary Was the sign in the hospital Be fairer to each other Be gentle, not too little. No need to win a point With bludgeon or truncheon. Find goodwill in all that is said Then your kingdom will come.

Young Val – Photos from my Shoebox

Sneaking Suspicions Ten-year-old Valma knew what those soft footsteps were coming up the driveway most evenings. Valma was supposed to be asleep, but if you are sent to bed at such an early time then you inevitably stay awake longer. As decreed by the Greek God of Sleep, Hypnos.  The whole of West Perth seemed to know about them too. Not just 66 Cleaver St. Later the rest of Perth had a sense that something was distracting Charles John Beasley, Valma’s Dad. Right up to the funeral procession when Kath hung off on her own, on the footpath at the

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Where It All Began – Photos from my Shoebox

Colin’s spindly left leg swinging naturally on the stone fence shows a time before unkindness and stress took over.  “Do you mean like this?” he posed. “I can’t see you. However you want is fine. Ah there you are. What’s that dog doing?” The dog was sitting on one of the raised stone posts, in a begging pose, while Colin was perched on the lower part of the stone fence run, looking quite natural. White singlet, Bombay shorts and a ‘are-you-taking-the-photo-now’ look. Colin’s captured face was perfect and seemingly unaffected by war, Depression or a begging dog. 15 Kalgoorlie St,

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The Red and The White

My love of Sydney Swans.
The ballet, the chess, the brute, the speed all meld in to something more than theatrical. There is comedy and tragedy, there is unfairness and justice. All of life’s events can be witnessed in a game.

Gembook #4

This week’s Gembook from my travels around the universe. Overfull of books I want to read, but also:– the date stamp, best purchase all year!– we are generation NFT– 6 Sigma was a fad– my new comedic style: faux exasperation– set up ‘help’ meetings: “How can I help?” – from Alan Weiss– and other randoms. I wonder how I index all of these so that I can retrieve them when I need them?

The Metaphor of the Week

It’s all smirk and mirrors. – Federal Opposition Leader, Anthony Albanese Budget reply speech from the Opposition Leader included this zinger.  Depends on what side of the political fence you sit on, which will determine whether it is relevant or not. But whichever way you look at it, it seems pretty clever. The Opposition Leader’s speechwriter is a fun guy to follow on Twitter – I’m presuming this phrase came from him. Even if it didn’t, it’s the sort of wit that he writes and shares. Follow him @James_Jeffrey


Anyone who has done a photography course, or is good at photography, will know that it about how you look at a scene is the key. I’ve been over-focussing on the techniques involved and how to master them, when all along it was how to view the world. Angles, diminishing points, proportion, shapes, light, balance – all of these – make the photo. Even when I’m not holding a camera, I seem to view the world quite differently now that I’ve started look at things photographically. Make sure that if you are doing a photography course, that these aspects are

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GemBook #3

This Week’s GemBook.Notes from my travels through the universe.Tried some #blackoutpoetryLearnt about #spiritphotographyRecommenced doing some #marginalia (not done this since Uni days)Must go to a #candlelightconcertListened to music from #tenetAmazed at who has been appropriating other cultures.Practiced the importance of outputting before inputting.….. and much more

GemBook #2

Explore the world of Labyrinths – very calming and cleansing Why is there no ‘Old Adult’ litereature? When there is ‘Young Adult’ literature. Check out SSRN for research trends and interests NowCasting v ForeCasting – eg earthquakes can’t be predicted, by can be diagnosed as imminent with warning signals. “I’m so far in it would take as much time to turn back.” – Morgan Check out Bookplates. One-off creators (Picasso, Dylan) v Iterative artists (Cezanne, Cohen) Live adventurously. Try micro-adventures. Walk the doorstep mile.