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You’re a Top Public Speaker? Well, It’s Time to Start Getting Risky

This post is for the professional Public Speaker Public Speaking is About Risk-taking Just like diving off the high tower diving board into a bucket of water. If we miss, we feel it. Over time, the more we perform the action, the bigger the…

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Want to Write a Keynote Speech? You Can Steal My Structure.

This is the keynote speech structure that works for me and my clients: Create a diagram that best illustrates the message. The typical diagram might be a derivative of a triangle, a Venn diagram, a flow chart, swim lanes, a quadrant, a bell curve,…

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Elite Public Speakers Practice and Practice, But They Do It in a Very Special Way

They practice with distractions. There have not been too many speeches I’ve given over the years where there has been dead silence and no interruptions from the audience. There has nearly always been a disruption or distraction of some sort: plates being dropped fire…