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25+ Tips to Help with Your Public Speaking,OR One that Will Definitely Work

You only need to do one thing to be a great Public Speaker. But here are 25 other things you could do if you prefer ……. Choose a topic you’re passionate about. Keep your presentation short and sweet. Make it interactive. Start strongly to…

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🎤 I’m No Expert Presenter 🎤

Just because I write about Public Speaking doesn’t make me an expert. In fact, I’m not a highly skilled public speaker myself. I’m not up there with the elite. I’m probably technically sound and can hold the attention of an audience for a while….

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🎨 I Haven’t Got a Creative Bone in My Body 🎨

I’m a particularly uncreative type of person. Just ask my parents and my teachers – for years they kept telling me that. So I need to rely on all sorts of resources to give me ideas (and answers). Speechwriting is a combination of: technical…

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Happiness Used to be When the Sun Went Down

The laughter around the dusk campsite was carrying for miles. Good-natured fun, kids giggling, mothers only half-hearted with their berating. Sunset in this remote camp was the best part of the day. Everyone was relaxed and food was about to be shared. There was…

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What Was I Thinking?

I’m not sure what got into my head back in High School, but I decided to do a prank at school for some reason. A bomb hoax seemed a good idea. My telephone announcement to the South Perth police went something like this: “There’s…

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Speechwriters are ‘Verse Jumpers

I bet you think I’m referring to some sort of poetry athletics. Not this time. ‘Verse jumping is when you move between universes. The speechwriting I do often asks me to immerse myself in someone else’s universe to get a feel of their nuances,…

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I’ve Never Met a Professional Speaker Who Doesn’t Have Butterflies

🦋 Everybody is nervous before they go on stage. 🦋 “There are two types of speakers: Those who get nervous and those who are liars.” – Mark Twain If a speaker is not ever so slightly anxious before they start to speak, then they…

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🧑‍💼 Here’s What I’ve Learnt from My Best Managers 🧑‍💼

They say that we can learn a lot from our worst bosses. I think this just means that the bad ones teach us what NOT to do. I prefer to learn from a good boss. Actually, the level of satisfaction I get from work…

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Can Web 3.0 Help Me Learn, Speak and Play?

I’m determined to wrestle the concept of Web 3.0 to the ground over the next few weeks. If only to see if it can apply to public speaking and presenting. My understanding of Web 3.0 is that it is a person to person connection…

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👉 Here’s What My Team Did When I Told Them I Wasn’t Always in a Good Place 👈

I had an exciting and uplifting series of experiences this week when I did a welfare check with my team. It’s simple to ask how they are faring, but the response is always a stoic one. The team is reluctant to give feedback on…

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White Spaces Matter

Well-designed magazine layouts use white space to draw the eye to the main message. Great web pages do the same. Look at Google’s home page. Uncluttered, clean, and easily digestible. Plenty of white space. The same with well-crafted speeches. By creating pauses of silence,…

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