Speech Competition Coaching

Does your child have an upcoming speech that may need some support? Are they entering a competition that needs some finessing? Well, first, congratulations to them for putting their hat in the arena! What a brave decision to stand in front of peers and judges and to share your views and thoughts. Bravo. Speechmaking is an important skill that makes a huge difference to everybody’s career, and if this skill is mastered at school, then success in their career is well assured. Every job, every workplace is full of people that would rather not speak in front of others, so

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Happy Sheets

Post-Workshop Surveys are often unintentionally intended to ensure that everyone was happy with the workshop and generally had a beneficial day. Organisers probably expect one or two suggestions of improvement, but after all the effort they put into the event, they expect the positive to well outweigh the negative. In fact, if there is any trending below ‘Well Done’, it’s human to feel a bit deflated. After all, you’ve tried your best, and really you are offering either what was asked of you, or what your experience has told you. That’s why Surveys are often called Happy Sheets. Often, they

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I’m a great fan of Toastmasters

Toastmasters is a great organisation that has taught me so much about leadership and communication. Its meetings are like mini-laboratories where I can try out things, get feedback and then try them again. I practice all my major presentations and speeches in club meetings and the enhancement that provides impacts my performance in the real world – for the better. Here is an example of speech I did at one of the club meetings – before I did it elsewhere. 

Rewarding your employees

  There has always been a school of thought that employees are motivated by reward or acknowledgement. A congrats, a thank you, a well done, even a medal. But the sort of employee you want is the type that rewards themselves, through their own self-motivation.

Practice Made Me Imperfect

There is always a danger that over-practicing anything will take the spontaneity away from any presentation and so how does a presenter ensure that each presentation has a level of newness about it?

Officeworks National Conference

Three days and one night was quite intense, but being prepared and well rehearsed made the period all very achievable with no surprises. …….. And script, for those interested: 2018 National Sales Meeting Master Script

Public Speaking Worksheet FREE

A free worksheet to start the topic – ‘Public Speaking’ – a skill everyone needs, but rarely see it taught in the classroom.           Get the whole pack here.