Tip Sheets Are the Go

Creating simple tip sheets that capture the key information and ideas for a project is still as simple a support material as you need – even in this digital age.

Tech Tools Teachers Can’t Live Without

…. in this remote and virtual world We asked a range of teachers “Which bit of software do you absolutely need to help you with remote teaching?” They’re top ten plus one answers were: Zoom – for video/voice face to face group calls 2. Storyboard – create visual boards for telling a story 3. Edpuzzle – lesson creating based on videos 4. Peardeck – use to create interactive lessons 5. Jamboard – interactive whiteboard system 6. Kami – applies interactivity to a document 7. Google Classroom – file sharing app for assignment sharing 8. Quizizz – gamified quiz maker 9.

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New7Wonders of the World

In 2000 a Swiss foundation launched a campaign to determine the New Seven Wonders of the World. Given that the original Seven Wonders list was compiled in the 2nd century —and that only one entrant is still standing (the Pyramids of Giza)—it seemed time for an update. And people around the world apparently agreed, as more than 100 million votes were cast on the Internet or by text messaging.   Explore each one of the New7Wonders with Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Street View and more. I have created a Google Site for a better student experience with a separate page of learning activities for each

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Church Going

I’ve just finished Julia Baird’s book Phosphoresence. One of the few books that I will re-read very soon. There are a few chapters in the book about her faith and the evolutions she has gone through with Christianity. Haven’t we all? Usually through one door, stay for a while and then out the exit never to revisit. But Julia finds more. She retells a story where she invited Helen Garner to come along to a service while they were both attending a Writer’s Festival. Julia had previously seen Helen at another series of Church services in Sydney. Helen was excited

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Typography 01 by Chris Do

I’ve been doing Chris Do’s Typography 01 Course over the last few days. It’s been great. I paid a three figure sum (you can see the price on the link) to get some information about something that I really enjoy. And from someone that has a bit of kudos in the world of design. According to others. The course isn’t tightly edited, super-slick or chock full of tightly packed content. In fact some parts of it are quite amateurish. Chis has a small live audience following him as he presents. They ask questions (some REALLY basic questions). Sometimes they get

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Happy Sheets

Post-Workshop Surveys are often unintentionally intended to ensure that everyone was happy with the workshop and generally had a beneficial day. Organisers probably expect one or two suggestions of improvement, but after all the effort they put into the event, they expect the positive to well outweigh the negative. In fact, if there is any trending below ‘Well Done’, it’s human to feel a bit deflated. After all, you’ve tried your best, and really you are offering either what was asked of you, or what your experience has told you. That’s why Surveys are often called Happy Sheets. Often, they

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The Person with the Most Badges Wins

eLearning Modules to the Max Our team has just gone through the process of completing a series of modules to learn about a new interface – not a new application – a new interface which holds the same data and the same fields that the legacy system held, but the ‘look and feel’ is now different. It’s probably slicker and even more intuitive and will probably enhance productivity. And how were we exposed to it? Via a series of simple elearning modules that in some cases compared the legacy system with the new, and in other cases called out where

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Gun Control or Gun Rights

I’ve updated the popular pack of worksheets on Gun Control to a Google Apps version. It loads all the worksheets on to a series of Google Docs and nests them in a Google Site. HERE