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🎨 I Haven’t Got a Creative Bone in My Body 🎨

I’m a particularly uncreative type of person. Just ask my parents and my teachers – for years they kept telling me that. So I need to rely on all sorts of resources to give me ideas (and answers). Speechwriting is a combination of: technical…

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We Thought It Was A Prank

A part of us all thought the Will Smith-Chris Rock event was a prank. There are fewer of us now, but some still believe it was. The Oscars is a dying genre, so it needed a bit of pep, and after all, any publicity…

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🎉 April Fools Day Has Been Cancelled 🎉

You don’t hear about office pranks much these days. There used to be a bit of fun having a clever office prank. What’s happened? Probably because the fun was one way and office pranks typically have a victim. (They’re described as hapless.) It’s a…

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Step Forward the Comic

😂 I find great humour in so many things and that’s healthy. 🤣 Comics bring joy. They also bring perspective. They apply a different lens to many things. 🧬 The essence of humour is the ability to combine two unrelated aspects. 💡 Enlightenment occurs…

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What’s Your Favourite Hold Music?

I’m sure you have one. You must have. Some service companies have quite distinctive hold music – it’s a branding mechanism.  The types of music I’ve heard are: Tunes from well-known TV shows Classical harpsichord (that’s lazy!) Radio stations Popular songs mixed with info…

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Redacted Poems

Not sure what it is, but going through print articles in the local newspaper and circling words that have an import as I read them is quite therapeutic! And then to redact the rest of the text often leaves a mysterious message in the…

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Couldn’t help myself creating this little zine about our visit to Jurassic World. Anything to brighten the day of my grandchildren – anyone really. I know I’m the world’s worst illustrator and designer – I normally just steal from others – but sent it…

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12 Types of Humour

The art of the tip sheet really helps with understanding. To be able to summarise all the necessary information into a one-pager saves time – certainly in comparison to watching videos, reading long-form text and wading through pages of distractions and irritations. Here’s my…

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Tickle the Office Mundane
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Be the Funstar at Work

FREE download(CLICK HERE) of a jam-packed collection of things you could do to brighten your office, your team, your staff room. Everyone in your workplace has a different idea as to what fun means, and what it means to make work more fun. For…

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How To Be The Funniest Person In The Room

Another curriculum pack for the Middle School classroom students. Some great activities here to learn how to fine tune your humor attitude.  Look through your laugh lens, and silly spectacles to how the world really is. It is hilarious. These worksheets show you how…

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