Be the Funstar at Work

FREE download(CLICK HERE) of a jam-packed collection of things you could do to brighten your office, your team, your staff room. Everyone in your workplace has a different idea as to what fun means, and what it means to make work more fun. For some, making work more fun may mean removing bureaucratic procedures and paperwork, whereas others might view it as an opportunity to celebrate a theme day – wear a ‘Funny Hat Day’.  Some people might think it’s fun to work on a challenging special assignment that stretches their skills, while others want to hold a kazoo parade.

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How To Be The Funniest Person In The Room

Another curriculum pack for the Middle School classroom students. Some great activities here to learn how to fine tune your humor attitude.  Look through your laugh lens, and silly spectacles to how the world really is. It is hilarious. These worksheets show you how to find the funny. Here

Spooked by Clowns?

Free printable from my Clowns & Slapstick pack. 17 pages of a great cross-curriculum theme. And here is a free sample page you can download for your own use. Try it out.

Free Printable Lesson Starter Topic: GRAFFITI

Some great investigative worksheets on the cross-curriculum topic of Graffiti. Here I have used student interest in the topic to explore various cross-curriculum areas such as math, social science, debate, visual arts, and history. I find the cross curriculum nature of these units provide so many learning opportunities. The packs covers the following topics: – Street Artists such as Banksy – School policy on dealing with graffiti – Investigation on graffiti removal products – reading a chart – Experimenting in Street Art – Art v Vandalism arguments – Creating a Tag – History of Graffiti – Graffiti Poetry Response This

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Letter to Son about New iPhone Present

Dear Gregory Merry Christmas! You are now the proud owner of an iPhone. You are a good & responsible 13 year old boy and you deserve this gift. But with the acceptance of this present comes rules and regulations. Please read through the following contract. I hope that you understand it is my job to raise you into a well rounded, healthy young man that can function in the world and coexist with technology, not be ruled by it. Failure to comply with the following list will result in termination of your iPhone ownership.I love you madly & look forward

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The Principal’s Welcome Back Letter – Setting the Scene

The school year is like a three act play (or two act, or four act – depending on the number of terms/semesters in the school calendar). The time leading up to the opening night on day one of school sets the scene. The producer of this annual performance needs to make sure everyone is coming to the event with enthusiasm and anticipation. The producer of the school year is the School Principal. Is that you? To set the scene and create expectation, the Principal communicates with parents, and shares that same eager anticipation. To do this, the Principal will write

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Famous Comedy Fun Pack

Thought of Teaching Funny Ha-Ha Tricks and Tips? It is so much fun and super-engaging for every student. With this pack of worksheets and you can teach your students about different types of funny-ness. 70 pages of easy-to-follow worksheets requiring minimum direction the topic is so much fun, students ask for more and more each page is professionally created in InDesign, providing a quality product original content that will engage every student in the class your class will be the talk of the staff room Start with Slapstick, then Sarcasm, move on to Satire, and finish with Puns. You won’t

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