🧑‍💼 Here’s What I’ve Learnt from My Best Managers 🧑‍💼

They say that we can learn a lot from our worst bosses. I think this just means that the bad ones teach us what NOT to do.

I prefer to learn from a good boss. Actually, the level of satisfaction I get from work is determined by the quality of input from my manager.

Not the interfering type of input. I mean the adding value type of input.

My learning by observing style means that I notice what my boss does. I watch how they respond and negotiate, I see how they deal with people, create momentum, and generate a vision. I seek to translate their methods into my own.

I’ve learnt that the best bosses offer clarity. Their direction is clear.
I thought this was a superpower, and for some it probably is, but I think the superpower can be learnt.

The best managers are experts in providing guidelines for solutions.

When presented with a problem I’ve found that effective bosses have three things in common:
• Their values and beliefs are crystal clear.
• Their values and beliefs are in sync with the business.
• They are familiar with most challenges because they have been exposed to the scenario previously.

No doubt the GFC and the pandemic provided new challenges to many leaders, but the best ones I know went to research historical records to see how others had responded in similar situations. They wouldn’t have experienced those scenarios previously, so sought out those who had.

That’s what I’ve observed.