School & Business Content Provider

An experienced Business Content Provider can provide your organisation with the edge that it needs. A Content Provider can make your school, business or office leaner.

Give a deadline and the Provider will get back to you with a completed job. An experienced Business Provider can really make a difference to the success of your organisation and the areas that you are in charge of.

You can rely on a Business Provider to supply

  • in full
  • on time and
  • on budget,

……. as they have been contracted to do so.

See my resume to understand my background.

If you don’t see the task you need done in the list below, just ask if I can get it done.


  • Develop learning packs, induction packs, process manuals, technical handbooks.
  • Facilitate workshops, seminars, sales events, conferences, meetings.
  • Write speeches, presentations, pitches.
  • Data processing, minute taking, transcribing
  • Write annual reports, quarterly updates
  • Create a weekly internal news bulletin
  • Run the in-house footy competition!
  • Do a pricing analysis
  • Create a series of business templates in Word that an office can use for meetings, induction, comms, updates, bulletins, processes
  • Write a speech for the CEO to present an upcoming conference
  • Compile a training manual for a sales support team
  • Update the weekly Yammer feed
  • Report on all Slack entries in digest format
  • Write regular newsletters, or ad hoc tip sheets
  • Create curriculum summaries
  • Develop a classy presentation
  • Describe a catalogue of education resources
  • Create learning packages
  • Develop classroom packs
  • Construct Booklists
  • Do your workshop pre-reading
  • Develop a Powerpoint/Keynote display
  • Develop a Parent-teacher information pack
  • Compile an orientation pack
  • Create classroom worksheets
  • Plan a curriculum
  • Write a speech for the Principal
  • Write Proposals, RFT’s, Whole School Plans
  • Write School Manuals, Process documents, Instruction guides
  • Write Case studies, White papers
  • Complete a submission of any type
  • Write case studies
  • Conduct an induction event
  • Maintain your web page along with ongoing refreshes
  • Facilitate a workshop
  • ………….