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Do Admin Tasks Stop You From Doing Your Real Work?

You probably started your business to make a difference, to fill a need, or to change your lifestyle. But you are finding that all the admin tasks are getting in the way. Or, more likely, running a business needs a lot of skills and it is not possible to have all the skills as full time employees in your business.

Sometimes you need to contract out these jobs. If you have a job that involves any of the following, then I can help:

  • Develop learning packs, induction packs, process manuals, technical handbooks.
  • Facilitate workshops, seminars, sales events, conferences, meetings.
  • Write speeches, presentations, pitches.
  • Data processing, minute taking, transcribing
  • Write annual reports, quarterly updates

If you have a project that I can help with, please get in contact to discuss.


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