The feeling you have when you are asked to compere a major conference

What a buzz! The pit in your stomach turns in to a knot but how proud are you to be considered for the compere of a major event? The mind races and the fears kick in at the same rate. You think of all the things that need to happen, how courageous can you be? how will I make it memorable? who thinks they can do a better job than me?

What is the timeline? How much time do I have to get ready? What will I wear? And so on.

But most importantly it is time to prepare, and preparation is all about thinking about the event. Gather as much information as you can and let it swirl around in your mind. Locate the agenda – well, at least the initial draft, because there will be many drafts. And then just give it a lot of thought. Does it have theme? Give the theme some thought. Google the theme and look at the images. Start a scrapbook about the event and anything that is of interest to the event. This is your mood board, turn it in to a brainstorm.

Preparing for event such as this, is all about inspiration. You only need to start doing the work once inspiration hits.

I’m excited.