Dr Seuss Parody

‘The Cat in the Blender’


the sun did not shine.
it was too wet to play.
so we sat in the office
that cold, cold, wet day.

i sat there with Deidre.
we sat there, we two.
and i said, 'how i wish
we had a case to do!'

and then something purred!
how that made us stir!
we looked towards the kitchen!
and what we saw would make you wonder.
It was the cat in the blender

'i know some good games we could play,'
said the cat.
'i know some new tricks,'
'Lets call a vendor,
Said the cat in the blender
Let's create a SPORD
Just because we are bored'

Deidre and i
did not know what to say.
But Kerrie said it was up to us
So we went ahead without fuss.

We raised a SPORD
For two roller skates
Each had a delivery fee
But we didn't care
And so we went down the street 
squealing with glee

What fun we had with our skates
All of a sudden we had a load of mates
Better than doing a tender
Thanks to that cat in the blender


Thinking in the bath?

We don’t follow that path


We’re more modern,

Our iPad may get sodden!


Spords ‘cos you’re bored?

Oh my lord!


Spords for fun?

It shouldn’t be done.


A blender cat?

Who’s heard of that!


Now price uploads and bids,

They bring in the quids


….Well eventually

As you will see


Not that we mean

Your work to demean


A team we are

One that can go far


We just need to work together

In all sorts of commercial weather


Helping each other every day

That’s the Officeworks business team way


Eastside, Westside,

Rivalries we will put aside


Sharks or Jets?

Place your bets.


We’re certain now that the gauntlet’s down

This verbal battle will continue, who will wear the crown?