Murray Tugworthy

Hi – I’m Murray Tugworthy and I’m in charge of the stationery cupboard at work.

One springback clip for each person

You need to bring me the last page of your post it note pack if you want a replacement

If you are here on contract you will receive a bunch of dates for your desktop calendar, but only for the months that you here on contract. I get them cheaper in March, so those who are here on contract Jan & Feb only, I have got some 1998 calendars because that’s when the day and dates coincided with 2016.

Replacement pens can be supplied after 6 months, only if you can bring me the expired pen. Same with highlighters – except their life span is 3 years.

Exercise books can be replaced if presented to me between 2-3 pm on last Friday of the month, fully completed, both sides. Dick and balls pictures don’t count and in fact any examples of graffiti like that will only receive a 48 page 12mm exercise book, not the 128 page 8mm exercise book with a red margin and polypropylene cover.

Remember that 4 ring binders are better than 2 ring binders.

Pencils can be sharpened at both ends.