Curriculum Artist

Curriculum Artist

Teachers | Principals | Business Leaders | Educators | Presenters

Publisher of high interest learning resources for all settings and a quality support for the program you want to deliver to any audience.

Broad experience and interests  – 30 years in many learning contexts, 20 years in corporate life, 10 years in creating and publishing.

Using the industry standard InDesign and other Adobe Creative Cloud apps, I create engaging worksheets that reinforce any new learning at any level.

Curriculum writer, educationalist, speechwriter, speaker, workbook creator, moderator, facilitator, coordinator, arranger, let’s do it, traditionalist, student, linguist, tutor, assistant, supporter, pillar, comforter, defender, mainstay, subscriber, booster, connected, resourcer, learner, …. all of these

Industry experience in education, retail, technology, B2B, and academia.

My world is huge – reach out and say hi!

Fast |  Confidential | Creative & Original | Educational

Turn your knowledge and expertise in to a program of teaching and learning for others. Create support materials that enhance your teaching and reinforce your message.

Develop curriculum resources that can be shared and used over again. I can help with that and add value to whatever content you have. The resources will reinforce the learning and turn your knowledge into personal change and profit.

Student Worksheets | Program Notes | Keynote & Workshop Workbooks

“A curriculum is anything which is planned and designed to sequentially improve knowledge and skills.”

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