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Publications Copywriting

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Publications Copywriting

I love deadlines, eleventh hour, last minute, overdue.

Publications Copywriting

Hire a ghostwriter with the right spirit.

Speechwriting Copywriting

Let me write your story.

Publications Copywriting

Supporting the Learning Classroom

My name is Malcom Brown and I am an Education Writer.

I am a curriculum writer, a copywriter and a speechwriter for the education sector.


I work with Principals and Business Managers to improve their speaking and presentation skills. Contact me and we will create an engaging presentation for your audience. This is one of the most important skills that any school leader needs, and we can master that together.


I am an experienced B2B writer and can write an effective message to your students, their parents, or their teachers. Select any one of these services and I will deliver a hassle-free solution for your weekly tasks.

Curriculum Writer

My Middle School student activity packs challenge students to read and respond to real life topics. The packs are original and unique, and suit the teenage brain. The professionally designed worksheets are a quality product and enjoyed by students all over the world. Please check out my curriculum store here.