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Your Office

There are many tasks that an office of any size needs to complete.  And often you only need someone for a short period of time, or even for 2 ā€“ 3 hours a week, to do a job or finish a project. No point giving the job to someone that is already overloaded, and perhaps is not expert in what is required.  Get in touch if you need some support with report writing, article submission, tender completion or similar LEARN MORE

Your Business

You probably started your business to make a difference, to fill a need, or to change your lifestyle. But you are finding that all the admin tasks are getting in the way. Or, even more likely, you are finding that running a business needs a lot of skills and it is not always possible to have all the skills as full time employees in your business. Sometimes you need to contract out these jobs. If you have a project that I can help with, please get in contact to discuss. LEARN MORE

Your School

Do you need someone to develop a workshop, induction, orientation, seminar, any event? Any medium, any length, any format, any level, any audience. Could you benefit from an experienced B2B and B2E worker who has worked in the corporate, government, business and education sectors? Give me a job and you will be impressed. Your time is too valuable. LEARN MORE

Speech Writing

It is more important to be an effective speaker than to deliver a perfect speech. The best public speakers typically give more value to effectiveness in communication than they do to perfection. When they make a mistake, their reaction will be to carry on with their speech regardless; unless, of course, the mistake impacts the clarity of the speech. The ability to structure thoughts and connect with the audience is crucial to being an effective public speaker. Great speeches connect with the audience and are relevant. If you need a speech written, I can help to make it memorable and perfectly suitable. LEARN MORE


I can help with documenting processes, writing curriculum, compiling reports, creating articles ā€“ anything to do with recording. Your final product will be in whatever format you require and can be endlessly revised until you are happy with the final version

Curriculum Writing

I am a strong seller in Teachers Pay Teachers and the UK version of TES, and can provide you with any curriculum material you may need for your secondary or upper primary classroom. The final presentation will be an attractive document that your class will really want to engage with and learn from. LEARN MORE

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Public Speaking Pack

My new Public Speaking worksheets are now up and running. More than 20 pages of tips, ideas and starters for delivering that killer speech – with confidence. Every student should[…]

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November 7, 2017 0

Winner Winner

Always a great challenge participating in speaking competitions and it is such a great feeling being successful. Judging can sometimes be a mystery, but the important thing is to participate[…]

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October 31, 2017 0

Speaking Competitions

Speech contests are all about personal growth and tonight I’ll be participating in two competitions at the Berwick RSL – Table Topics and International Speech Competition. Should be an exciting[…]

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October 30, 2017 0

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Curriculum Publications

Quality curriculum material for the Middle School Classroom

Google Maps

Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Street View provide a range of learning opportunities for the Middle School Classroom.
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Public Speaking

Learning how to speak effectively in front of an audience is a key skill that any students should acquire
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Humour is a great source of curriculum material for any classroom.
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Current Affairs

Middle School students need to reflect on the events that are occurring around them.
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