Who is Malcom Brown?

Who is Malcom Brown?

Curriculum Artist (My Gigs)

Be a star ⭐️ in the office, in a team, in a school, at work. And you will attract attention and gratification.

Develop an outstanding precise work profile, and you will attract the ideal role. Jobs, tasks, duties will be given to you perform, and you know that you excel at them.

Add to your already strong set of skills and profound knowledge, and work out ways that will make you the star ⭐️.  We can do this together.

The way we do it is by creating a roadmap of actions – some of which I might be able to do, others you can do. The roadmap will set us in the right direction to cause a change in something.

This is not a soul-searching reflective exercise that has a series of billboards showing affirmations along the way.

This is a curriculum, a project plan, an event management, a syllabus, a schedule – all the things I have become famous for at work.


I work with teachers, artists, introverts, clerks, team leaders, students, to try to make their job fulfilling and meaningful. It can mean more money; more prospects; more life satisfaction; and improved relationships at home as well as at work.

We develop a program of tasks that we both implement over time so that your star at work shines brighter than any other. A creative curriculum is developed to give you the edge over others. Your profile over time will be so powerful that it can no longer be overlooked. Soon, you will be able to pick and choose roles in your work environment – roles that suit you, not others.

Happy to speak more about what I can offer. First contact is free and no obligation. We first see if I can help, and then develop a curriculum that will change your circumstances.


Much of what I do is to develop your humour attitude – your HA HA skills.  With good positive humour others will look at your differently. The humour needs to be positive and not interfering – and that’s what we focus on and develop in our clients.

Presentation skills are key with any role and the person who can present their detail and share their knowledge or propose an opinion will succeed. I work with clients to provide them with the skills to do this effectively. Once they learn the skills, the confidence follows.

I’m interested, I’d like to find out more

Develop HA HA skills and acquiring presentation skills are just two areas that can be included in your curriculum.  Get in touch to find out if a curriculum can be designed to make you a ⭐️ star at work. ⭐️


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